Tsuzuki Circolo Festa~Move and Smile, Feel and Smile~

“Tsuzuki Circolo Festival (Feb.23) ”  canceled ‼

We are very sorry to announce that our festival is canceled because of the quasi-state of emergency has been extended.

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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the NPO Kodomo Ouen Network and express our heartfelt appreciation, we will be organizing the Tsuzuki Circolo Festa together with the community. ‘Circolo’ means ‘to be connected’. So let’s move our bodies and get connected!

Let’s all mingle, move, feel and enjoy a fun time together!

Date:23 February 2022 (Wednesday, Public Holiday)  Free of charge
Morning Session    10:00-12:00(Reception begins 9:30)
Afternoon Session  14:00-16:00(Reception begins 13:30)

Venue: Yokohama International Swimming Pool  Main Arena
※There are limited parking space. Please use public transport as much as possible.

Target participants: Families with children of elementary school age and below, who are residing, schooling, working in Tsuzuki Ward.

Capacity: Morning Session & Afternoon Session  about  70 families for each session
Participation group
①Families of children with disabilities
②International families and families raising mixed-race children
③Other families (not in the above groups)

How to apply: Please use the following application form

application period:From (sat) 11th Dec to (sat) 8th Jan, 2022 17:00
If there are many applications, we will draw lots.
Successful applicants will be informed through email by the end of January.

※Attention: Please choose only ONE session (morning or afternoon) to attend.
Please enable your inbox to receive email from @kodomo-ouen.net.

Enquiry: Kodomo Ouen Network
(Tsuzuki Ward Popola Childcare Support Center) ✉circolo0223@gmail.com

※Please be informed that the event may be cancelled due to infection status of the new coronavirus at the time of the event, bad weather, natural disaster and others. We seek your understanding in this matter.
※Personal details presented will only be used for this event only. It will not be used for any other purpose.



So let’s move around with your family in a big gymnasium! It’s okay to roll around! It’s okay to run around! It’s okay even if you speak a different language!
Let’s play together through “Move and Smile, Feel and Smile” and cherish the ‘child’s own way’ and their spirit in ‘wanting to try’.


Kobayashi Yoshihisa san

Yoshi oniisan has specially prepared Tsuzuki’s ‘original exercise’!
It’s going to be fun♪

Tsuzuki Tai chan

Taichan will come to brighten up the event with his favorite phrase “○○shitai!”. We can also take photographs together. Taichan’s mouth is Tsuzuki’s ‘tsu ’.

DJ/Radio personality Kurihara Haruhisa san

Host for the morning session

Percussion Concert Group ‘Ashiato’

Bringing you live performance of marimba, drums and other percussion instruments especially for the children♪

Eda Senior High School Juggling Team ‘Team Juggles’

Team Juggles will awe everyone with their skillful juggling performance and demonstrate the excitement and fun in juggling!


◆Time Schedule◆

Morning      Afternoon
9:30       /   13:30 Reception begins
10:00     /   14:00 Opening – Preparation Exercise with everyone
10:15     /   14:15 Self-introduction Time
10:20     /   14:20 Circolo Time
11:00     /   14:20 Mekuri Mekurare Contest
11:45     /   15:45 Tsuzuki’s ‘Original Exercise’ with Yoshi oniisan♪
12:00     /   16:00 End of program

~Circolo Time~

Fun at various corners!
Cardboard Box Corner: Trains, tunnels, you can also draw

Photo Booth: You can take photographs with Tsuzuki Taichan!

Balloon Bed: You can play on the soft bouncy balloons

Circuit: Try out the balance beam and vaulting box etc.

Socks Toss Game: Find the correct pair of socks from the pile and toss it into the net!

★Challenge Zone★ 

Percussion Instrument Experience
‘Ashiato’ Percussion Concert Group will perform for us! You can also touch and play their instruments. Let’s try to perform a song together!

Juggling Experience
Eda Senior High School Juggling Team ‘Team Juggles’ will perform their juggling skills! There will also be a juggling experience corner so come try it out!


To create an environment where children can participate in sports activities!
Triggered by the ‘Yokohama Triathlon’, Yokohama Children Sports Foundation was established using the donation received from Johnson Co. Ltd. The main objective of this foundation is to create an environment where children, including those with disabilities, could participate in sport activities in their local communities, thus growing up with hopes and dreams through sports.

Goodwill bank
Tsuzuki social welfare councils

NPO Kodomo Ouen Network
Tsuzuki Ward Administration Office

Tsuzuki social welfare councils
Tsuzuki residents association
Tsuzuki shopping districts association

Mizuno Corporation
<In cooporation with>
Tsuzuki Sport Center
Industrial and Labor Bureau, Small and Medium Enterprise Department, Commercial Distribution Division
Made in TSUZUKI/ YOKOHAMA daiichi-foam.cooperation
Iti shopping town
Tsuzuki handicapped office network TETSUNAGITSUZUKI
kapukapu KAWAWA
Sharing Caring Culture

Kiyoken Co., Ltd.
Tsuzuki Circolo Festa executive committee

NPO Kodomo Ouen Network
An NPO that supports children to live life as ‘themselves’, regardless of disabilities. 

Tsuzuki Ward Popola Childcare Support Center
Popola is a rest area where expecting mothers and their family, preschoolers and their parents/guardians can casually stop by and freely spend their time. Popola collaborates with the Tsuzuki Ward Administration Office.

ArtForum Azamino ‘Kodomo no Heya’
With the motto ‘Adults and Children, Be Yourself (Otona mo Kodomo mo Jibun rashiku)’, Art Forum Azamino provides an area for parents and children to spend time together in ‘Parent-Child Open Space (Oyako no Hiroba)’, space for adults to spend their time and a ‘Nursery Room’ where children can play and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. ArtForum Azamino collaborates with Gender Equality Center North Yokohama.